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Stop losing money you don't have to simply because you don't know how to forecast the market's movements.

Elliott Wave Theory + Wyckoff Method

gives you the edge you've been looking for in the markets!

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What to Expect

The market is neither random nor efficient. As a matter of fact, it is human emotion that drives market movement, but not in the way you think. Joining TexasWest Capital will give you the opportunity to finally learn exactly how human emotion drives the market as well as why and how the news is already in the charts. I will challenge many of your closely-held beliefs about the market which are keeping you from being consistently profitable. Along the way, you will also learn what proper risk management really is, how it will positively affect your capital account, and how to implement it properly. You will be able to use the skills in any market from cryptocurrencies to stocks to Forex and futures!

Get The Best Results

Unfortunately, I can't force you to listen nor can I force you to follow through. The hard work is the decisions you will make along your trading journey. If you continue doing the same thing then you will continue to get the same result. If you're not happy with that result, then what are you waiting for? Join TWC and become a market forecasting superstar!

What's Included

Everything that you need.

TWC Discord Server

Each membership tier gives you access to its own set of education, charts, and chat channels. You don't have to go it alone if you don't want to. We have a great community of traders helping traders.


Each membership tier has trading educational courses to help you become the best trader you can be. These courses are yours to keep forever and may occasionally be updated at no extra cost to you.


Each membership tier comes with charts that are updated on an intra-day, daily, or weekly basis. You will receive access to the updates your particular membership offers as well as the associated chat channels so you can discuss trading ideas with other members.


TexasWest Capital has members from all over the world - USA to South America, Africa to Europe, Asia to Australia, and more! So you are bound to find other traders from your area of the world to get to know and learn with together.

Live Streams

Elite tier members also get access to three educational live streams every week devoted to the Wyckoff Method, Elliott Wave Theory, and price action concepts. PLUS, they get access to over 300 hours of previously recorded sessions. All live sessions are archived, so if you can't make it live you never miss out.


Being a member has its privileges and those includes discounts on products, services, and merchandise we offer. We also give member-only discounts on membership access from time-to-time that non-members do not have access to.

The best day to get started was yesterday. The second best day is today.

Let's do this and transform you into a market forecasting superstar!



- The basics of trading course
- Bitcoin Market Analysis (BMA)
- Access to the BMA chat channel
- Access to the Macro, Finance, and Money channel
Never traded before? Interested in what is entailed such as choosing the right broker/exchange, how to place orders, how to set up your charts and use Tradingview, and more. Oh, and you also get access to intra-day Bitcoin updates.



- Trading Foundations course
- 16 charts updated intra-day/daily
- Chat channels for those charts
- Your other features
This is for you if you want to get a feel for TexasWest Capital, understand the foundations of trading, and start meeting others just like you.



- Everything in Free & Premium
- Elliott Wave Theory basics course
- Wyckoff Method basics course
- Chart requests and critiques
- 7 more intra-day and daily charts
- More benefits coming!
Want to be a market forecasting superstar? Then this is the membership for you! It includes everything you need to become competent in Elliott Wave Theory, the Wyckoff Method, and price action concepts so that you can rule the charts with confidence!

Members Area


Please send Christopher Inks a message on the Discord server or send us an email at so that we can set you up with access to the courses that come with your membership. Once your access has been set up, you can click on the My Courses link above to access all of your courses. Please note that your courses are hosted on so you will need to use that login to access them and not your membership login here at, I would love to hear form you, so take a minute to leave a testimonial at the link above. Doesn't have to be anything fancy and can just be a few words if you choose. There are some prompts there to help you out if you can't think of anything to say, but let the world know what you think about TexasWest Capital. Good vibes!Thank you and welcome to TexasWest Capital! We are excited to have you with us!